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Reviewed By: Jim M
Location: Cincinnati , OH 45244

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Comment We purchased this house in September of 2016. During the inspection there was nothing found in the basement that would suggest that there was a water issue in the crawlspace. The homeowners did not disclose any issues with the crawlspace until closing but we like the house and did not worry about it. They said sometimes water gets in when it rains really hard. So a little less than three years later I am posting this review. Jason came out and did a thorough review of our situation. He got us a quote that was tiered relating to the steps that could be taken to remedy the issue. Step one was getting a pump in the crawlspace to remove the water and let it dry out. Step two was an encapsulation and step three was a air purifier/de-humidifier. We stuck with step one for now. Jason's team came in at noon, lead by his foreman John, and got into the crawlspace and moved the soil away from the footers. The rest of the crew hand carried five gallon buckets of gravel from their truck down into the crawlspace. Everything was finished in about three hours. It was amazing. The cleaned up any debris and mess they may have carried in and started the work outside. Because of the placement of the pump and the way that the house was framed it did not make sense to run the discharge where Jason and I discussed. John was always quick to bring up any issues that he came across and we agreed to run the discharge from a new location that made more sense. John and his crew also put drainage in a large window well which was not in the most accessible location. They then dug a trench out around my screened in porch for the pump discharge and the window well.

A long story short, they were excellent, professional and efficient.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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