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Healthy Basement Concepts Reviews

Reviewed By: Lindsay Jones
Location: Indian Hills, OH

How was your experience with the first phone call to the company? 5 Stars 5
How would you rate the quality of the installation and services provided? 5 Stars 5
How was the cleanup process? 5 Stars 5
How would you rate your overall experience with Healthy Basement Concepts? 5 Stars 5
Comment This was the second home we bought and we only use Jason. We buy homes and rehab to sell them. I can't tell you how many basements we went into and thank god we had Jason.
He is open, honest, detailed and thorough. There were homes were he said it looks great and other home where we thought things looked fine, but they weren't. The moment we inquired about Healthy Basement Concepts we heard back immediately and he gave us the most thorough consultation.
He actually truly cares and that is hard to find. Once we figured out financing we set up a schedule and his team came and got the job done right away. His company also gives a great warranty on all work. In being in such a costly neighborhood for rehabbing you can get ripped off, but Jason is honest and dependable.
I promise you will not regret using him.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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