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Healthy Basement Concepts Reviews

Reviewed By: Paul H.
Location: Milford, OH

How was your experience with the first phone call to the company? 5 Stars 5
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How was the cleanup process? 5 Stars 5
How would you rate your overall experience with Healthy Basement Concepts? 5 Stars 5
Comment When my wife and I first considered buying our new home, we knew the previous owner had Healthy Basement Concepts (HBC) of Cincinnati stabilized the bowing walls with 18 steel beams embedded in the floor and secured to the floor joists. Even before we closed on buying the home, a conversation with Jason assured me that this company would honor the lifetime warranty on the basement stabilization work to us as buyers, and they knew just what to do to solve other potential basement issues, giving us confidence to purchase the home. His skilled and hard-working crew encapsulated the crawlspace, moisture-sealing and insulating the crawlspace, eliminating the flow of cold damp air through the floor and into the basement and protecting us from allergens and moisture that cause us breathing challenges. When heavy rain and heavy snow lead to water seeping in at the base of the basement walls, we asked HBC team to return and waterproof the basement. Just as before, this hard working, friendly, skilled crew installed internal drainage around the perimeter of basement, tied that to a sump pump plus a battery backup sump pump, installed moisture sealing and insulating wall covering, and installed a high-quality dehumidifier to control moisture and whose filter will eliminate molds and mildews, leaving our basement and the rest of our home much healthier for us! I was especially impressed with the friendly but focused, hard-working team that completed the moisture proofing job in three days. They protected our hardwood floors from their many trips up and down the stairs and in and out the house as they carried tons of concrete and gravel to and fro. They kindly answered all our many questions, kept us informed of what they were doing and why, and consulted us when they wanted to be sure what they were doing was going to meet our needs. Each worker seemed to know exactly what their tasks were and how to do them independently. They were hard-working, efficient, wore masks (as did we) to keep us all safe. These kinds of basement issues are common in Greater Cincinnati, and the HBC folks know the best cutting-edge technologies to solve them for you. We now have lifetime warranties on all their work that will be honored not only for us, but our kids if they inherit the house, or future buyers of our home. Thanks Jason, John, Vincent and all the HBC team for jobs well done!!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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