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Testimonials By Erika Koch & Brian Mulvey

Erika Koch & Brian Mulvey

"Hi! We've written before but feel compelled to write again. We live ON the Pawtuxet River and always had problems with the water table and basement flooding. About 12 years ago (we think) we installed your system.

Well, we are on the other side of Wellington Ave/Elmwood Ave, the site of major flooding from the March 2010 flooding. While many of our neighbors (not even ON the river) experienced enormous problems, our pump worked continuously as the river rose to within 100 feet of our house. Not a drop of water in our basement (except a little from our ancient bulkhead, which we fixed with a tarp).

I can't tell you what a relief this has been in the face of this local disaster - our house would be gone by now."

Thank God We Did It...So Glad We Installed The System!