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Clogged Drain Pipe Repair in Cincinnati, OH

Clogged Drain Pipe

Footing drains have a reputation for clogging, while they are effective for a while, eventually, mud and particles in the soil accumulate and clog the drain. When the water has nowhere to go, it will exert hydrostatic pressure on the walls of the basement foundation, and look for even the smallest opening, resulting in leaks through the walls and floors of your basement.

Healthy Basement Concepts is the leading local basement waterproofing contractor in the Greater Cincinnati, OH. We can fix your clogged drain and have it operational in no time. We are serving basement waterproofing services for more than 15 years, meeting the needs of thousands of homeowners throughout Cincinnati. We will get your drainpipe unclogged and make arrangements to prevent clogging that will last you a good period of time. If you would like to get a longer-lasting solution, get our footing drain pipes installed and be totally tension-free.

Our Sub-floor Drainage System

Healthy Basement Concepts’ waterproofing system is a sub-floor drainage system specifically engineered to solve water leaks effectively without worrying about clogging issues from the soil underneath. We use efficient technology, like using fiber filters in our pipes to prevent finer particles of soil from entering the waterway. This makes sure the drainpipes are clog-free and functioning properly without any obstructions.

Trust Healthy Basement Concepts for Drain Pipe Repair in Cincinnati

Fixing a clogged footing drain is an extensive and repetitive process because of the procedures followed when the footing drain was first installed and the pipes used. We can get your drain pipes unclogged and enlarge the period for the next time it gets clogged. However, we would recommend getting our engineered footing drain installed that comes with fiber filtration for a drainage system that will last you for a very long time. Call Healthy Basement Concepts today at 513-854-0349.

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