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GrateDrain Drainage System in Cincinnati, OH

GrateDrain Drainage System in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Gratedrain Installation

When it comes to keeping your basement dry, nothing is as efficient as a full-perimeter drainage system to keep ground water from reaching your basement floor. There are a lot of copycat drainage systems out there and choosing the most reliable one can be challenging. That is why, we, at Healthy Basement Concepts , use GrateDrain,the most technologically advanced basement waterproofing system available on the market.

What is GrateDrain

GrateDrain is a dual chamber system that is designed to accept ground water faster than any other drainage pipe on the market, it is placed just under the floor in front of the footer. Designed with large dual chambers, GrateDrain directs ground water from beneath the basement floor and the wall/footing joint to the sump liner. The GrateDrain is also a versatile product because it fits basements of all sizes.

  • GrateDrain is custom built for every basement
  • Isolates iron bacteria colonies to prevent cross-contamination
  • Easily accessible covers and panel access for system flush
GrateDrain Drainage System in Cincinnati, OH

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With the GrateDrain installed in your home, it will be easy to keep your basement dry and free from water-related damages. We also offer various basement waterproofing services,crawl space repair , and more! All of our services and products are available to those in the Greater Cincinnati, OH area.

GrateDrain Drainage System in Cincinnati, OH

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