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Water Guard System

Water Guard System in Greater Cincinnati, OH

An Unique Clog-Free Design for Basement Drainage

Water leaks or intrusion may lead to various kinds of water damages to a basement. The best way to avoid this is to channel all that water away from the walls and floors. Healthy Basement Concepts provides efficient solutions to water seepage damage in a basement. 

We bring you an innovative interior drainage design that is clog-free and hassle-free. If your basement drains get clogged, you would have to get it repaired every time, which is a very time-consuming process. Our Water Guard System is a great solution to prevent water damage in a basement without having to worry about clogs. We provide homeowners the most effective drainage systems in order to completely waterproof their basement.

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Water Guard System for Working Drainage Solution

Water Guard System

  • Specialized Mechanics to Capture Water Seepage: The Water Guard System sits atop the interior footing of your basement foundation. Its anti-clog design allows it to capture water leaks from the floor wall joint (perimeter walls). Its highly-developed mechanics prevents the water from coming inwards and crossing the perimeter.
  • Anti-Clog Design: A smooth system is essential as overflows could mean thousands of dollars in water damage. The anti-clog feature prevents the drainage from clogging and keeps the system running seamlessly.  Moreover, since it is installed on the interior, no roots or slit can interfere with the drainage system.
  • Durable & Strong Material: Our Water Guard System is made with long-lasting waterproof material that gives you excellent service over years and years. Once installed, your home is awarded a fully transferable lifetime warranty.
  • Quick Installation: Our trained and certified installation team is capable of providing you with a fully functional interior water guard drainage system within a very short time. Customers of Healthy Basement Concepts appreciate the speed and steadiness in the installation process.

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