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Exterior Drainage Systems in the Greater Cincinnati, OH

Exterior drains are prone to clogging frequently as dirt and particles in the gound enter the drains along with the water. This causes a serious lack of performance in the whole system. Additionally, due to clogged drains, more problems like wall leaks may arise due to the hydrostatic pressure build-up. However, Healthy Basement Concepts has a fool-proof alternative, that is a far more efficient solution to drain the excess water and keep your basement dry, permanently.

Healthy Basement Concepts is the basement waterproofing & drainage specialist in Cincinnati, OH. We have extensive knowledge about basements and drainage systems, obtained over decades of service. We offer Grate Product patented, licensed authentic drainage products to equip your house with the best-in-class water intrusion defense. Our alternative to exterior drainage is a clog-free & reliable system that requires only little maintenance. Unlike, exterior drains that frequently clog. Moreover, exterior drain reinstallation or repair requires excavating the yard which includes destroying grass, your lawn, decks, decor and landscaping. 

Benefits of Healthy Basement Concepts’ Drainage Solution


  • No Need for Yard Excavation
  • No Yard Digging Required
  • Reliable Water Drainage
  • Clog-Free System
  • Cleaner & Drier Basement
  • Mold-Free Environment


Contact Healthy Basement Concepts for the Most Effective Drainage Systems for Your Home

Water that has collected in your yard needs to be drained otherwise it may pose a big threat to your property. We have helped countless homeowners equip their homes with high-grade drainage systems and upgrade their water intrusion defenses. Count on us to help you remove water from your home in the most effective and efficient way. We are serving homeowners and business owners throughout Camden, Fairfield, Aberdeen, Dayton, and more around Cincinnati, OH. Call Healthy Basement Concepts today at 513-854-0349 for reliable drainage systems.