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Footing Drain Installation in Cincinnati, OH

Footing drains drive rainwater and other elements that create clogging away from your basement wall into a nearby sewer junction. If you are facing continued leaks through your basement walls and floor, or a clogged drain, you will most likely need a footing drainage system.

Healthy Basement Concepts has provided top-grade footing drain systems fitted with fiber filter technology for homeowners in Cincinnati, OH since 1984. We custom design footing drains to suit your basement size and structure. We also utilize inclined slopes to make the drain perform better. If those options aren’t available, we can provide sump pump systems to actively pump the water out.

Why Do Footing Drains Clog?

Rainwater, soil particles, and other fine particles enter the drain and gradually form layers of sediment in the waterway which eventually blocks the drain making the drainage system ineffective. Since the water has nowhere else to go, it will end up finding its way into the basement through tiny gaps and crevices.

Another reason for clogging is when soil is dug to establish the basement foundation and install the footing drain. When the soil is put back in against the basement wall, it crushes the footing drain if a proper method is not used. This destroys the functionality of the drain. Healthy Basement Concepts offers:

  • Footing Drain – high-quality footing drains that last you years after years
  • Proper Installation – experienced crew follow proper methods for installation
  • Fiber Filters – prevents fine particles in the soil from entering the drain
  • GrateSump™ – remove water by actively pumping
  • Affordable Prices – high-grade services at low prices

Let Healthy Basement Concepts Install Your Footing Drain in Cincinnati, OH

Healthy Basement Concepts is a member of the Basement Health Association and our entire staff is certified to meet the highest standards. We provide premier service to all of our customers. Call us today from your home in the greater Cincinnati, OH area at 513-504-5985 for a free inspection and we’ll get started immediately!


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