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Interior Drainage System in the Greater Cincinnati, OH

Interior Drainage SystemHealthy Basement Concepts is the local basement waterproofing contractor, serving the Greater Cincinnati, OH. We provide innovative interior drainage systems with licensed Grate Products. Grate Product interior drainage systems are engineered to be highly efficient and clog-free. Once installed, the drainage system will capture all water from the perimeter of your basement — the wall-floor joint, and drain it efficiently. Our drainage system helps your basement avoid water contact, preventing mold damage and water damage at the same time. 

Equip Your House With Patented Interior Drainage for the Best Defense Against Water & Mold

If your basement is showing signs of wall cracks, water leaks, standing water, you need to get an interior drainage system installed to drain all that water away to safety. If you let that water come in contact with your belongings in the basement or even the basement floor, you might experience severe rot, mold damage, and more health problems. You need to get an interior drainage system installed in order to save your basement from moldy smell & unhygienic conditions. 

Exclusive Grate Interior Drainage for Your Home

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Reasons to Choose Our Interior Drainage Solutions

  • Licensed Grate Products
  • Effective Water Drainage
  • Clog-Free System
  • No Damage to Landscape
  • Long-Term Reliable Service
  • Healthy & Clean Basement
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • HBC Certificate

Contact Us for Multi-Patented Grate™  Interior Drainage Solutions

Stop worrying about mold growth and basement water damage with our interior drainage solutions. Enjoy a healthier & cleaner basement with our professional drainage solutions in Batavia, Wilmington, Springdale, Dayton, and more surrounding areas across Cincinnati, OH. Call Healthy Basement Concepts today at 513-854-0349 for effective & clog-free interior drainage.