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Is Your Crawl Space Ready for Winter

Is Your Crawl Space Ready for Winter?

Wet winter conditions may spell trouble for an unsealed crawl space. During winter wood rot, mold and mildew growth, as well as pest infestations and nesting rodents, are common in homes that are unaccustomed to such damp winters.

Dangers That Crawl Spaces Have to Face During Winter in Greater Cincinnati, OH

Winter may be about enjoying snowfalls and Christmas with your family, but on the other hand, it can cause your crawl space a great deal of damage. 

Dangers That Crawl Spaces Have to Face During Winter

Cold & Humid Air Circulation

Like we all know, cold air travels down, as a result, your crawl space is more frequently visited by cold and humid air in winter. Moreover, homes breathe from the bottom up, thus this cold air circulates your house. This may mess up your home’s internal heating systems leading to expensive bills on heating. 

Effects of Condensation

The humid air condenses on your walls and ground, resulting in wet and damp conditions. Such conditions are highly suitable for mold growth, which is best avoided. You may see a very rapid growth of mold colonies and spreading fungi. Unfortunately, a majority of the air you and your family breathe comes from the crawl space and may have a severe effect on health.

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Pests & Insects

We all seek warmth and shelter in the winter season. Insects and rodents are no different. They want a warm place to hide away from the cold outside, and your crawl space is the perfect spot. Insects like roaches, spiders, dust mites, and termites all take shelter in your crawl space.

Prepare Your Crawl Space for Harsh Winter Conditions with Healthy Basement Concepts

  • Encapsulate & Insulate Your Crawl Space - Crawl space insulation will help you maintain the moisture and temperature in the crawl space as well as keep the pipes from freezing. It also keeps the floor above warmer. Check out our specially engineered Crawl Space Encapsulation & Crawl Space Insulation Systems. 
  • Install Vent Covers - Prevent the chilly and humid outside air from entering your crawl space with our advanced vent covers for winter that forms an mechanical airtight bond. At the same time, it also keeps pests and insects out, keeping your crawl space healthier.
  • Seal Your Crawl Space - Apply a vapor barrier that will seal your crawl space and block moisture. As a result, it prevents mold growth and effectively keeps out pests and rodents. Check out our highly-developed Crawl Space Vapor Barrier.

Contact Us to Avoid Winter Problems for Your Crawl Space

If you are worried about your crawl space and want to prepare it for the worst that could come. Contact Healthy Basement Concepts at 513-854-0349 for effective countermeasures to withstand the freezing cold conditions. We are available 24/7 in Addyston, Dayton, Monroe, Sardinia, and more across Cincinnati, OH.