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Crawl Space Vent Covers for Winter in Cincinnati, OH

Crawl Space Vent Covers for Winter in Cincinnati, OH

Crawl Space Vent Covers

Homes breathe from the bottom up, thus the air that enters your crawl space through the vents circulate your entire home. Vents were meant to be cost-effective and useful but instead, it damages your crawl space. 

During winter, cold blowing air enters your crawl space via the vents along with dirt particles, insects, and lots more. However, this isn’t the main issue, the real problem is that the air entering is humid and contains moisture. This air condenses onto the walls and ground of your crawl space, creating a wet and damp condition that is highly suitable for mold growth.

Why You Should Seal Your Vents in the Winter Season

Heating Issues

The cold air entering your crawl space circulates your home, as a result, any attempt at heating your house using electrical heaters or any other method is less effective. You might need to put electrical heaters at a higher temperature to achieve optimal temperatures for you. This will cost you more than usual.

Pests Invade Your Crawl Space

Due to extremely cold weather outside, insects like spiders, termites, and roaches are forced to find shelter in your crawl space. They may make your crawl space dirty and some might end up dying which might leave you with an unbearable smell.

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Mold Damage

Humid and moist air entering your crawl space eventually condenses and turns the interior into a wet and damp place. Molds are easily attracted to such conditions and may create a moldy condition filled with spores and a bad smell. Moreover, moldy conditions are known to cause health-related issues like throat irritation, skin irritation, nausea, allergic reactions, and more.

Effective Vent Covers at Affordable Prices in Camden & Dayton, OH

Benefits of Using Vent Covers

Healthy Basement Concepts has been the leading crawl space specialist in the Greater Cincinnati, OH for more than a decade. We help homeowners fight crawl space related problems with great efficiency and cost-effective prices. Freezing winters may cause you a great of damage but do not worry, because we have got you covered. We are available 24/7 in Dayton, Fairfield, Cleves, Fayetteville, and more nearby areas in Ohio. 

We also offer extensive mold remediation, dust mite, and odor removal services. If your crawl space is already suffering mold damage, then let us know and we will eliminate all mold problems permanently and affordably.

Benefits of Using Vent Covers

  • Keep Pests & Insects Out
  • Block Cold Freezing Air
  • Save on Heating Bills
  • Prevent Mold Growth
  • Achieve Healthy Crawl Space Environment

Call Healthy Basement Concepts today at 513-854-0349 and enjoy the luxury of keeping out insects, control room temperature, and preventing mold growth.