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Bowing Wall Repair in Greater Cincinnati, OH

Bowing Wall Repair in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Bowing Wall Repair in Greater Cincinnati, OH

Although your foundation is created to carry the weight of your home, there are some situations that can prevent it from doing its job. Your foundation can only handle so much stress and pressure before it starts breaking, and when that happens, the effects can be felt indoors. Besides the cracks forming underneath your home, foundation damage is known to tilt chimneys, make it impossible for doors and windows to open and close properly, and your floors can become uneven/unsteady. The most dangerous problem however, is the bowing of your basement walls because once the walls have lost their strength, it compromises the structural integrity of the home.

Causes of Bowing Walls

The most common causes of bowing and cracked foundations are expansive soils and hydrostatic pressure. This occurs when the clay soil surrounding your foundation takes in water and expands. This pushes against your foundation, and when the force exceeds the wall’s strength, it starts to crack and break. Once the clay soil dries, it pulls away from your foundation – creating weak areas.

Wall Crack Repair in Greater Cincinnati, OH

Heavy rain, storms, and floods, are capable of repeating this process and eventually destroying the wall. Repairing this kind of disaster should only be left to the professionals, which we, at Healthy Basement Concepts, are prepared to do.

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Signs of damage:

  • Wall cracks (verticle, horizontal or stair-step)
  • Leaning or Tilting
  • Bowing
  • Shearing

If your home is showing any of these signs, contact Healthy Basement Concepts at 513-854-0349

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