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Leaning Wall Repair

Leaning Wall Repair in Greater Cincinnati, OH

Your home foundation is built to withstand the weight of your house but sometimes it may fall weak due to other external factors. The soil outside, along with hydrostatic pressure exerts immense force on the foundation walls, causing it to lean inwards. Your house could also seem to be leaning sideways. The difference can be noticed from indoors and the impacts can cause other damages like wall cracks. Once your foundation starts to become weak, it threatens the overall integrity of the house itself.

Dependable Leaning Wall Repair in Addyston & Batavia

Dependable Leaning Wall Repair

Healthy Basement Concepts is prepared with the right tools and skill-set to handle problems like leaning walls and bowing walls. We are the leading basement and foundation restoration team in Cincinnati. We are here in Blanchester, Addyston, Centerville, Franklin, and more nearby cities across Cincinnati. If you notice your foundation walls to be leaning call us right away at 513-854-0349 to secure your house.

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Causes of Leaning Wall

One of the most common reasons is hydrostatic pressure exerted on the wall by the water in the soil just outside the foundation wall. The force increases gradually as more water begins to accumulate. Water might be essential for life and seem very weak, but it can be destructive given the right environment. As larger volumes of water collect outside, more and more pressure pushes on the walls and causes it to lean on one side.

Let Healthy Basement Concepts Take Care of Leaning Walls for You

Your house is your shelter and to take of it is your responsibility. When leaning walls are detected, it can lead to cracks on the wall, which will result in mold growth. However, we are Cincinnati’s finest mold remediation team and can also fix your structural crack. If your house or foundation walls feels to be leaning, contact Healthy Basement Concepts at 513-854-0349