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Floor Supports in the Greater Cincinnati Area, OH

Floor Supports

Your house is your shelter from storms and the outside world. It provides protection from harsh weather and gives you a comfy place to sleep at night. But, upon years and years of nonstop usage, your house starts to develop some minor and major issues that need to taken care of. Sagging or uneven floors are one of those.

You must have a lot of furniture in your house, not to leave out the heavy electronics like refrigerators, ovens and such. As time passes, you add more weight to the floor of your house by buying more furniture or much-required devices. As a result, the weight of these objects brings your floor down and causes sagging or uneven floors.

Healthy Basement Concepts’ Effective Solution to Sagging or Uneven Floors

Here at Healthy Basement Concepts, we have the most effective solution to counter sagging or uneven floor problems. We utilize certified Grate Products to support your floor foundation from the bottom. Engineered adjustable jacks can be used to adjust to the height of your floor from the ground and strengthen the floor. The adjustability feature is very helpful because all houses are not built the same and can be of different height.

Foundation Support & Repair Services by Healthy Basement Concepts

Floor Supports

Healthy Basement Concepts is the foundation repair specialist in Cincinnati, OH. We have been serving the local residents with reliable foundation repair services for more than a decade. We are an authorized partner of Grate Products and use their modern technology in our services. We have the solution to help you with any problem you might be facing with your foundation.

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