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Foundation Repair Service in the Cincinnati, OH

Foundation Repair in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Foundation Repair

Healthy Basement Concepts knows that when it comes to foundation repair, there is more than one way to tackle the problem. Although the most common cause of foundation troubles comes from the soil beneath it, leaking pipes, a damaged crawl space, and a number of other situations can severely affect your foundation as well.

Foundation Waterproofing

Crawl Space Joist Support in the Cincinnati, OH

Moisture, leaking pipes, and other water-related disasters can create cracks on your foundation’s surface. Installing a proper waterproofing system will not only keep your foundation safe but also prevent water from ever entering your home.

Foundation Stabilization

Stabilizing your foundation with wall anchors , braces and carbon fiber can prevent or even correct the foundation walls from bowing any further.

Crawl Space Joist Support

Your crawl space and foundation share the same location, and if one experiences a problem, so will the other. If your foundation is sustaining damage due to your crawl space, we can repair the situation by installing a steel post beneath the central beam to provide a solid mid-span support for floor joists.

If you are having problems with the durability of your foundation, contact Healthy Basement Concepts at 513-854-0349 today. 

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Foundation Problem

If you are in need of foundation repair, contact us today!

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Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Services in

Healthy Basement Concepts is an industry leader in basement waterproofing and crawl space repairs. When water or moisture gets into your basement or crawl space, it could mean severe damage for your entire home or property, as well as your family members and pets. Which is exactly why Healthy Basement Concepts, provides basement waterproofing and other crawl space and basement solutions in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Healthy Basement Concepts has been keeping Cincinnati basements dry for over a decade. During this time we have strived to offer the best technology and service to our clients. We use Grate Products because of their excellent reputation for dependability.

We offer a wide array of services to improve the conditions of your damaged basement or crawl space. Some of these services include:

Don't let the negative affects of a wet and dirty basement or crawl space ruin your home. At Healthy Basement Concepts, we can give you a clean and healthy environment. Please contact Healthy Basement Concepts today to learn how we can help you!

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Customer Reviews from
Tim B from Batavia, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Sep 12th, 2021
Very professional Company. They were on time everyday. Great communication with HBC Owner. The workers seemed happy and eager to work everyday. I would recommend HBC for any crawl space work.
Mike & Beth B from Franklin, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jul 21st, 2021
How can you put a value on something that gives you freedom, we are no longer slaves to our wet basement! We also have renewed faith that customer service is alive and well with Jason and the entire crew. They answered every question all the way through the project, handled every obstacle our basement (built in 1949 by a WWII vet) presented and showed up and worked hard every day. You cannot ask for better service or results, we are thrilled! We now have a closed system for our bath water and two pumps for ground water, an interior drainage system, a lifetime guarantee of a dry basement, and structural support for our old basement walls! I would recommend Healthy Basement Concepts, Jason and his crew to anyone and beyond that, we are thankful for them!
Albert Brown from Franklin, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jul 16th, 2021
I had a great experience with Mr. Fry and his crew they were very affable and astute, I would recommend them to any of my friends who need their services.
B Bauer from Batavia, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
May 21st, 2021
Jason was wonderful from the first phone call. I was considering 2 different companies to encapsulate our crawl space and he made sure he put his best foot forward to earn my business. The guys showed up on time and ready to work, hauling out all the garbage the previous owners had left under the house and made it smooth and clean and warm. I will recommend them wholeheartedly!
Kyle T from Oxford, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Apr 3rd, 2021
My wife and I can not say enough. They went above and beyond our expectations. From the very first phone call to the final product they were very pleasant to work with and the communication was perfect. We have future work that will need done to the house and we look forward to calling Jason and his crew back to help us. If you are looking for a smooth process and excellent work give Healthy Basement Concepts a call.
Paul H. from Milford, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Mar 10th, 2021
When my wife and I first considered buying our new home, we knew the previous owner had Healthy Basement Concepts (HBC) of Cincinnati stabilized the bowing walls with 18 steel beams embedded in the floor and secured to the floor joists. Even before we closed on buying the home, a conversation with Jason assured me that this company would honor the lifetime warranty on the basement stabilization work to us as buyers, and they knew just what to do to solve other potential basement issues, giving us confidence to purchase the home. His skilled and hard-working crew encapsulated the crawlspace, moisture-sealing and insulating the crawlspace, eliminating the flow of cold damp air through the floor and into the basement and protecting us from allergens and moisture that cause us breathing challenges. When heavy rain and heavy snow lead to water seeping in at the base of the basement walls, we asked HBC team to return and waterproof the basement. Just as before, this hard working, friendly, skilled crew installed internal drainage around the perimeter of basement, tied that to a sump pump plus a battery backup sump pump, installed moisture sealing and insulating wall covering, and installed a high-quality dehumidifier to control moisture and whose filter will eliminate molds and mildews, leaving our basement and the rest of our home much healthier for us! I was especially impressed with the friendly but focused, hard-working team that completed the moisture proofing job in three days. They protected our hardwood floors from their many trips up and down the stairs and in and out the house as they carried tons of concrete and gravel to and fro. They kindly answered all our many questions, kept us informed of what they were doing and why, and consulted us when they wanted to be sure what they were doing was going to meet our needs. Each worker seemed to know exactly what their tasks were and how to do them independently. They were hard-working, efficient, wore masks (as did we) to keep us all safe. These kinds of basement issues are common in Greater Cincinnati, and the HBC folks know the best cutting-edge technologies to solve them for you. We now have lifetime warranties on all their work that will be honored not only for us, but our kids if they inherit the house, or future buyers of our home. Thanks Jason, John, Vincent and all the HBC team for jobs well done!!
Alan C. from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Mar 2nd, 2021
I met with the top three rated waterproofing providers from Angie’s List and chose Healthy Basement Concepts (HBC). I felt like the other two were really pushing for both an exterior and interior solution, which would have been very costly and disruptive to my landscaping. HBC recommend an internal solution after analyzing both options. By the way they were the only 100% five star rated company. They are not a big national outfit, but a local crew. Relative to the job itself, the quality of work by the HBC team was outstanding. I am recently retired and was on-premises for the entire job, which allowed me to witness the work first-hand. Also, they worked with me while I brought in a plumber and electrician to modify the basement during the job. Within three days they had completed my project, which was a fairly extensive internal perimeter draining system and vapor barrier around my stone foundation. I couldn’t be happier with outcome and it’s guaranteed for the life of my home.
Brendan Devine from Blue Ash, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Feb 11th, 2021
Jason and his team were great! Very professional and everything was done when they said so. I checked around and I felt most comfortable with them. They didn’t disappoint, excellent work. I would recommend them to anyone I know including family.
Very happy family here
Brendan D
Katie M from Lakeside Park, KY
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Dec 18th, 2020
We are so impressed with the quality and speed of the job we had done. We were experiencing flooding in our basement due to rain coming in under the garage door. Unlike other companies that suggested massive projects, Healthy Basement Concepts Cincy told us we can approach it step by step so we aren’t doing work we may not necessarily need. We ended up calling, getting a quote, and having the project completed within one week, which during this crazy time is so impressive!
KJ from Villa Hills, KY
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Oct 22nd, 2020
Jason and his crew were excellent in every way. From the first contact to the final clean up, we were impressed with their customer service and professional installation. Many thanks for a job well done.
Testimonials from
Steve H Testimonial from Providence, RI Steve H Testimonial from Providence, RI
My prior system was sub par to say the least. Having a very high watery able and very active pumping system (2-3 times a minute), the loud clunk of the check valve was annoyingly right underneath the family room.
Testimonials By Erika Koch & Brian Mulvey Testimonials By Erika Koch & Brian Mulvey
Hi! We've written before but feel compelled to write again. We live ON the Pawtuxet River and always had problems with the water table and basement flooding. About 12 years ago (we think) we installed your system.
Completed Jobs from
Sump Pump 1 Jason Fry
March 27, 2020
Steel I-Beams with Grate drain waterproofing and Thermal shield on foundation walls. Also the picture of the sump pump system.
New Crawl Door Jason Fry
March 26, 2020
Old crawl space door from outside of the house. These doors are not sealed at all which lets in the outside humid air into your crawl space causing condensation, moisture and mold problems. The new crawl space door is all Aluminum and will never rust like the old one. It is sealed so the outside air does not get into the crawl space which will get into your home. Finally, the door is insulated with 1" foam board to keep the cold out and the heat inside the crawl space.
Sump Pump 2 Jason Fry
March 25, 2020
On top of the footer drain system that has failed. Grate drain system next to the footer with Thermal shield on walls and sump pump pit system 3'x2' catch basin. Concrete floor normal thickness.
Temp Post 1 Jason Fry
March 24, 2020
Pics of temporary jacks, plates will bend because metal is so thin. these jacks are not for permanent use. The post that we use are on a concrete footer all post and hardware are hot dipped galvanized so they will never rust and the metal top plate is 3/4" thick and the post will hold over 60,000 LB of weight each.
Marcia Roberts 1 Marcia Roberts
March 23, 2020

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