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Foundation Waterproofing Service in Cincinnati, OH

Foundation Waterproofing Services in Cincinnati, OH

Foundation Waterproofing

Protecting your foundation from the negative effects of moisture will also benefit your basement and/or crawl space. Since this structure is built underneath these spaces, the foundation can easily harbor various problems due to water-related incidents and spread it throughout the surroundings. When rain, floodwater or leaks, enter the crawl space or basement, the liquid itself will not be your only concern. Items that are stored within your basement can absorb moisture, especially those made of wood. Furthermore, with all these substances reacting with one another, it will not be long until your basement begins to emit a horrendous odor.

It is possible to reduce and stop the dilemmas caused by water-related events, and we, at Healthy Basement Concepts, can show you how.

Healthy Basement Concepts Waterproofing Services

Our foundation waterproofing methods begin in the basement and/or crawl space and they are installed either at the interior or exterior of your property, with each having their own share of benefits. We can create a drainage system to direct the water out of your home, or install simple products (e.g. HealthyDrain™ and TrenchDrainage) to keep water from ever entering. If you want something more powerful to remove water and moisture, we also offer reliable sump pump systems.

By protecting the areas located above your foundation, you will not have to worry about the foundation itself getting damaged. Plus, with these installations doing all the work, you will not have to manually drain and dry these spaces.

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If you are interested in any of our our services, give us a call at: 513-854-0349. If you have any further questions and/or inquiries, visit our contact Healthy Basement Contecpts page and fill out the form. All of Healthy Basement Concepts foundation repair and stabilization services are available to properties located in areas of Ohio. See our service area to find your city!

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Basement & Crawl Space Repair Contractor

Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Services in Middletown

Healthy Basement Concepts is an industry leader in basement waterproofing and crawl space repairs. When water or moisture gets into your basement or crawl space, it could mean severe damage for your entire home or property, as well as your family members and pets. Which is exactly why Healthy Basement Concepts, provides basement waterproofing and other crawl space and basement solutions in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Healthy Basement Concepts has been keeping Cincinnati basements dry for over a decade. During this time we have strived to offer the best technology and service to our clients. We use Grate Products because of their excellent reputation for dependability.

We offer a wide array of services to improve the conditions of your damaged basement or crawl space. Some of these services include:

Don't let the negative affects of a wet and dirty basement or crawl space ruin your home. At Healthy Basement Concepts, we can give you a clean and healthy environment. Please contact Healthy Basement Concepts today to learn how we can help you!

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Customer Reviews from Middletown
Donna Davis from Middletown, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Sep 29th, 2020
We were looking for a company to waterproof our basement that first met our most basic needs in addition to fixing the problem. The qualities that were most important to us in choosing the right company for the job were, excellent customer service, quality work, honesty, integrity, efficient and timeliness. Healthy Basement Contractor (HBC) met all of them.
This company has a five star rating so we read their reviews and then made a phone call. We spoke with the owner, Jason and he scheduled an appointment within 2-3 days. He thoroughly explained he primary reason for the flooding we experienced during heavy rainfalls. He explained how his drainage system would rectify the problem in the basement and how installing a French drain was needed outside.
Jason didn’t disappear after the contract was signed. On the day the job started Jason was present with his crew of five guys and also periodically throughout the five day completion of the job. He’d address any questions and concerns that we still had and explained the daily scheduled work that would be completed.
We also want to give accolades to the five guys that performed the monumental job of installing the drain system inside and outside. The crew of five men were led by John, foreman who’s an example of a good leader. He performed the work with his crew and ensured that they performed at their top potential every day. HBC employs workers who works hard to make sure everything that can be done is done in the best way possible, on time and by courteous and professional staff.
We would recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable company. Thanks Jason for giving us a healthy basement and showing us that you 100% guarantee the work that is promised!
Samantha M. from Middletown, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jul 27th, 2020
Jason and his crew did a great job repairing our basement. His communication was outstanding, prices were reasonable, and the job was completed on time. I would recommend Health Basement Concepts to anyone needing repairs completed in their basement.
Tim R from Middletown, Ohio, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
May 26th, 2020
We had an issue with the corners of our foundation. Jason explained what was going on with the foundation and provided a cost-effective solution. He also provided excellent communication during the entire process. From estimate to completion of the project it took less than a week. Jason and his crew were professional and completed the work on time. If you want excellent and honest foundation work I would recommend Healthy Basement Concepts of Cincinnati.
Angies List Customer from Middletown, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Angie's List
Mar 16th, 2020
Excellent. Great attention to detail. Swift service. Made sure I knew exactly what was done and gives a great warranty.
Completed Jobs from Middletown
Laura Dennis
October 2, 2020
Healthy Basement Concepts installed 4 steel piers down into the ground to stop any more further movement
Nate Lindsay
June 5, 2020
We repaired the concrete wall outside with our Rhino Carbon Fiber support system on the entire header and window headers to tie everything together.
Jimmy Davis
May 21, 2020
Healthy Basement Concepts installed a french drain system on the outside of the house to help with water coming down a hill. We also install new downspouts on the left side of the house to the front. Inside of the basement we fully waterproof the basement with a Grate drain system that leads to a full Level 1 Grate Sump Pit system
Tim Rudd
May 7, 2020
Healthy Basement Concepts installed 6 Steel I-beams to stop inward movement. The homeowner is very happy with the work
Laura Dennis
September 20, 2019
Healthy Basement Concepts waterproofed the entire basement to control the water from getting into there home. We installed the Grate drain system to the Grate sump system.

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