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Sagging Floors Repaired in Cincinnati, OH

Sagging and sinking floors are a common foundation issue, a lot of times found in homes with a crawl space. If your floors are sagging or sinking in the middle it could mean that your home has developed structural problems. A damaged foundation is not an easy fix and because of where it's located, fixing it without the proper equipment can further destroy its form and the structures that surround it. When this occurs, you need the help of professionals, and at Healthy Basement Concepts, we are just the people you need to take on this difficult task.


Reasons for Sagging Floors

Support Columns Spaced Too Far Apart

Rot-Weakened Joists, Posts and Girders

Columns Settling Due to Weak Soil and Footings

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Professional Foundation Repair

It's better to leave the difficult job of sagging floor repair to the experts. So, if you are currently experiencing any sinking or sagging floor related problems, give us a call at 513-854-0349, or visit our contact us page for further questions and details. Our services are fast, efficient, affordable, and most importantly, professional in every sense.