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Foundation Settlement in the Greater Cincinnati, OH

Foundations built on soil that is not correctly compacted will compress and shift over time. Soil is an expansive clay and likewise, it can be compressed if not compacted properly. Some of the common issues are visible cracks and bowing walls. If no actions are taken, then your property may be in danger of structural failure. It is important to take care of the structural integrity of your house. This is where we come in. Healthy Basement Concepts is the expert when it comes to problems regarding the foundation; we provide professional care.

Indicators of Foundation Settlement

  • Noticeable slopes in concrete floor slabs.
  • Outward bowing of shallow foundation walls.
  • Uneven or sunken interior floors.
  • Diagonal cracks in foundation walls, wider than 1/8″.
  • Cracks in foundation walls that are not uniform in width.
  • Diagonal cracks in the exterior masonry.


Healthy Basement Concepts provides Pier Systems that complies with international building codes and was tested at a certified facility and the results published in IAPMO Evaluation Report ER 531. This sophisticated engineering technology solves problems related to settling foundations thoroughly, affordably, and permanently.  

What’s best, this cost-effective system doesn’t require heavy equipment and can be installed year-round, quickly, and professionally. You will soon start to notice that it is easier to close or open windows and doors.

Rely on Healthy Basement Concepts’ Expertise for Foundation Repairs

Today there are many ways a foundation can be repaired. One of the key differences is whether or not your home is constructed on a concrete slab or has a pier and beam foundation. Give us a call at 513-854-0349 for a free inspection and estimate for your foundation repairs. We are sincerely available 24/7 in Cheviot, Dayton, Batavia, Wilmington, and more across the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio.

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