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Vertical Cracks

Vertical Cracks Repaired Throughout Greater Cincinnati, OH

Vertical Cracks

Vertical cracks on the foundation wall are common in new foundations and it is usually the result of settling in the concrete foundation. Concrete shrinks as it cures, the water in the cement evaporates and the rest of the particles fall together. When this happens, sometimes a vertical crack might be visible.

Vertical cracks are not very threatening, but if the gap is wider than 3mm then it is a major problem concerning serious settlement issues. Wider cracks pose a huge risk as it often impacts the integrity of your house.

Healthy Basement Concepts’ Professional Vertical Crack Repair Team in Aberdeen & Blanchester

Healthy Basement Concepts is the most reliable wall crack specialist in all of Cincinnati. We offer expert supervised structural crack repair and foundation repair services. If your foundation wall seems to be failing, we can help strengthen it. Our extensive crack repair services are available in Aberdeen, Dayton, Addyston, Morrow, and more across Cincinnati, OH. Aside from cracks, we also repair bowing wall problems. Secure your foundation wall against vertical crack damages with our help.

For outstanding vertical crack or wall crack repair service, call Healthy Basement Concepts at 513-854-0349

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Let The Pros Repair Your Vertical Wall Cracks

Vertical cracks on the wall are normal and appear due to minor settlement changes or shrinkage. However, once cracks reach the 3mm limit, it is no longer a simple issue. You should consult your local crack specialist immediately to avoid further damage. In the Greater Cincinnati area, call Healthy Basement Concepts at 513-854-0349 and let us take care of your foundation cracks.

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Repairing Sidewalk
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