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Mold, Dust Mites & Odor Prevention in Cincinnati, OH

Mold, Dust Mites & Odor Prevention in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Cleaning and maintaining your indoor living spaces will keep your home safe and healthy. There is nothing better than being inside an area where you can breathe effortlessly and not feel a single irritant on your skin. However, there comes a time wherein disasters compromise the well-being of your spaces and generate problems that could affect your health and property.

Negative Effects of Mold, Dust Mites, and Odor

One of the most common problem your basement faces is moisture. This space is located underneath your home, so whenever it experiences a flood or a burst pipe it is not surprising that some surfaces are left damp. Over time, these areas become perfect homes for molds and dust mites, and can emit foul smelling odors.

Leaving your basement in such an awful state can affect your rooms above. Molds and dust mites are microscopic in size, and can easily travel through vents and tiny holes. Being exposed to these organisms for a very long time can encourage allergies (skin and nasal), as well as destroy homes structures (e.g. walls and ceilings). Odors, on the other hand, make it impossible to breathe inside your home and thus, can make your property inhabitable.

Of course, you can avoid these issues by cleaning, inspecting, and repairing every nook and cranny, but if the problem has escalated, then contacting Healthy Basement Concepts will do the trick.

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Our company has been in the basement moisture control service for a very long time. We have more than 30 years of experiencing, and with it have developed numerous ways to put your basements into better shape. With the help of the following services, products, and installations, we assure you that you properties will become safer and healthier as each day passes by.

We provide moisture control and dehumidification services for homes in Greater Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas. Contact Healthy Basement Concepts at 513-854-0349 to schedule your free estimate!

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Mold, Dust Mites & Odor Prevention in the Greater Cincinnati Area

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