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Mold Prevention Tips for Greater Cincinnati

Mold Prevention Tips for Greater Cincinnati

When mold starts to take over a good portion of your property, you need to have it treated immediately. Mold is known to cause several health problems, and if it gets out of control, you’ll have difficulty breathing and living comfortably in your own home. There are three types of mold that can manifest in your property, namely:

  1. Allergenic - non-life threatening, but is problematic for individuals with asthma and allergies
  2. Pathogenic - affects those with a weak or compromised immune systems
  3. Toxigenic - the most dangerous out of the three because it has spores that are covered in mycotoxin, a substance that causes bleeding of the lungs and lung cancer

To avoid the dangers that are brought about by mold, you need to get rid of its source: moisture. There are several ways you can do this:

Fix Water Leaks

The moment you see a leak, don’t wait until the problem worsens. Delaying the repairs can create more water-related disasters (e.g. indoor flooding) that can further promote mold growth. If the leak can be fixed with simple repairs, you can address the problem on your own. If the leak is too difficult to handle, have it professionally repaired instead. The pros have the expertise and equipment needed to repair the leak with relative ease.

Consider Insulating Your Property

Insulating your basement and crawl space prevents the accumulation of water vapor formed by condensation. The insulating material acts as a vapor barrier, barring liquid from coming in contact with your metal pipes and water tanks. Additionally, insulation raises your property’s temperature and helps walls and other surfaces stay warm.

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Equip Your Basement with a Dehumidifier and Sump Pump

If you want to maintain a moisture-free environment, installing a dehumidifier and sump pump definitely helps. These two systems reduce moisture by extracting humidity in the air and draining floodwater away from your property. To experience the benefits of these systems, you have to choose a dehumidifier and sump pump that suits your property’s needs and size.

Need more moisture prevention methods? Contact Healthy Basement Concepts so that we can improve your property’s environment with our basement waterproofing and moisture control services. Healthy Basement Concepts has the necessary equipment to create a moisture-free environment — something we’ve proven and tested for more than 15 years. Give us a call at 513-854-0349 to get a free estimate. Our services are available in the areas of Greater Cincinnati.

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