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Basement Waterproofing Services in Cincinnati, OH by Healthy Basement Concepts

The county seat of Hamilton is Cincinnati, OH. Cincinnati is the cultural and economic center of the Cincinnati metropolitan area--it is considered the fastest growing economic power in the Midwestern US. Cincinnati is the third-largest city in Ohio with a population of 302,605. The summers in Cincinnati are warm and humid, while the winters are very cold. The city has experienced a lot of tornadoes and other extreme weather events such as floods, hail, ice storms, winter storms, and heavy snow. The fact that around 65% of all homes in the city were built in 1959 or earlier will make you realize how challenging it is to maintain a dry basement in Cincinnati. Fortunately, Healthy Basement Concepts is here to help. 

Healthy Basement Concepts has been providing basement waterproofing services in the Greater Cincinnati area since 2004. More recently, we have partnered with Grate Products, LLC - the company that is at the bleeding edge of basement health technology. This means that we have access to proven basement waterproofing tech used by the leading companies in the US and the world, and our customers will only get the best service possible. 

Services Offered by Healthy Basement Concepts in Cincinnati, OH

Healthy Basement Concepts is your local expert in basement health maintenance. We also offer various services to keep your home safe and healthy. Here are just a few of our popular services in Cincinnati, OH. 

Basement Waterproofing - Keeping your basement dry has many benefits including prevention of mold growth. Mold can multiply easily in moist or wet environments. If your basement has a lot of moisture, mold spores will naturally multiply. Mold spores are known allergens that can be harmful to some individuals. Healthy Basement Concepts can help Cincinnati residents keep their basements dry. 

Foundation Repair - Foundation damage occurs because of the natural movement of the ground beneath. To prevent foundation damage, you have to keep the ground properly hydrated. It can’t be too wet or too dry. Extreme weather can make it difficult to maintain the right amount of soil hydration. When foundation damage occurs, you can rely on Healthy Basement Concepts to provide you with solutions that truly work. 

Crawlspace Services - A crawlspace is essentially a small basement. Almost half of the air you breathe indoors passes through the basement and crawlspaces. Keeping the air dry in your crawlspaces helps keep a high quality of air that you breathe. Healthy Basement Concepts provides effective solutions to keep your crawlspaces dry. 

Spray Foam Insulation - Insulating your home helps keep the temperatures at comfortable levels. We offer spray foam insulation services to provide a high quality of insulation at an affordable price. 

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For more information about our services or to request a free quote, please call 513-854-0349 or send us a message using the contact form on our Contact Us page. Our friendly representatives are standing by to help you with your questions. 


Customer Reviews from Cincinnati
Alan C. from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Mar 2nd, 2021
I met with the top three rated waterproofing providers from Angie’s List and chose Healthy Basement Concepts (HBC). I felt like the other two were really pushing for both an exterior and interior solution, which would have been very costly and disruptive to my landscaping. HBC recommend an internal solution after analyzing both options. By the way they were the only 100% five star rated company. They are not a big national outfit, but a local crew. Relative to the job itself, the quality of work by the HBC team was outstanding. I am recently retired and was on-premises for the entire job, which allowed me to witness the work first-hand. Also, they worked with me while I brought in a plumber and electrician to modify the basement during the job. Within three days they had completed my project, which was a fairly extensive internal perimeter draining system and vapor barrier around my stone foundation. I couldn’t be happier with outcome and it’s guaranteed for the life of my home.
Dana S. from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Aug 24th, 2020
Jason was very professional. Showed up when he said, gave a clear description of the work needed to be performed and gave a reasonable estimate. When we agreed to proceed- he was in touch with us about when he would arrive with his team and how long it should take. His team was very professional as well - they did a great job getting the job done quickly and correctly. We are very pleased with the work completed. We would not hesitate to hire again! Many Thanks!
Nick V from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jun 22nd, 2020
Jason and the team at HBC are incredible. We put in our complete system exactly one year ago and we had zero water intrusion in a very wet month of May. I had neighbors and friends with water in their basements, but not us. Jason gave us the confidence that we could remodel our basement and we’ve really been enjoying our DRY basement for the past year!
Marcie R from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Angie's List
Mar 2nd, 2020
Our Crawlspace was extremely wet and muddy! The owner Jason came and inspected and talked with us about our options. He explained everything very well and was easy to talk to. We decided what we wanted to have done and got a bid on the work. The guys did a great job and with the maintenance plan that Jason offers all the sump pumps have lifetime warranties. It's been about 6 months since they finished the job and we have had LOTS of rain and snow and the crawlspace is completely dry! We are so happy that our house is no longer sinking and rotting away. Glad we chose to go with this company for our crawlspace work!
Angies List Customer from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Angie's List
Jan 12th, 2020
Contacted Healthy Basement Concepts in the Summer of 2019 as we recently bought a home where water leaked into the basement in multiple areas. Jason came out within a week to not only give us a detailed quote, but also a thorough explanation on why our basement was leaking. He clearly knows his stuff and has excellent knowledge on the work we needed to do to keep our basement dry. In comparison to the other places that we had come over that you often hear commercials for on AM radio, they sent out salesmen that don't do the actual work. They have gimmicks and try to scare you into possibly doing more than you might need and the guys selling you on the work aren't the ones actually doing it. Whereas Jason is the owner and he's on the job regularly to see it to completion. He shoots it to you straight. As for the work itself, it's going to be dirty. There just isn't a way around this. They jackhammered the entire perimeter of our basement on the interior, put down a drain pipe, than ran the water to two separate sump pumps in our basement. They put steel beams on our walls to prevent them from further shearing. They then poured new concrete and put a plastic sheeting on the walls. All told, this took about a week to complete. Yes, it's disruptive to your home, but if you need this to be done, Jason and his team do an excellent job. Now that it's been done for 6 months, I can safely say that we've been through multiple rain storms, sometimes dropping 1-2 inches of rain. We haven't had a drop of water in our basement and have now finished the space. We truly have confidence in the work that Jason and his team did and Jason puts out the warranty to back that up. Would highly recommend.
Jarrod A. from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Angie's List
Jan 5th, 2020
It went fantastic. Jason and his crew were in and out in about 4 days. He did all the work that was written up in the contract. His great reviews, lifetime warranty, competitive prices, and available financing were the reason we chose his company. Hopefully we will never need this type of work again, but if so I know who I will call.
Eric J from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Oct 8th, 2019
Cement block basement foundation was showing signs of movement and areas of concern. The Healthy Basement team provided a detailed, sound estimate for the work as well as some long-term options to consider along with some affordable payment plan options. The work was completed today (carbon-fiber and adjustable vertical beams placed strategically throughout basement and garage) and the crew did a fantastic job. Thank you!
Roger G from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Sep 19th, 2019
Jason and his team did an outstanding job for us. His team was very professional and explained everything to us each step of the way. They were very quick with the repair and did a great job of cleaning up. We highly recommend Jason and his crew!
Jim M from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jun 5th, 2019
We purchased this house in September of 2016. During the inspection there was nothing found in the basement that would suggest that there was a water issue in the crawlspace. The homeowners did not disclose any issues with the crawlspace until closing but we like the house and did not worry about it. They said sometimes water gets in when it rains really hard. So a little less than three years later I am posting this review. Jason came out and did a thorough review of our situation. He got us a quote that was tiered relating to the steps that could be taken to remedy the issue. Step one was getting a pump in the crawlspace to remove the water and let it dry out. Step two was an encapsulation and step three was a air purifier/de-humidifier. We stuck with step one for now. Jason's team came in at noon, lead by his foreman John, and got into the crawlspace and moved the soil away from the footers. The rest of the crew hand carried five gallon buckets of gravel from their truck down into the crawlspace. Everything was finished in about three hours. It was amazing. The cleaned up any debris and mess they may have carried in and started the work outside. Because of the placement of the pump and the way that the house was framed it did not make sense to run the discharge where Jason and I discussed. John was always quick to bring up any issues that he came across and we agreed to run the discharge from a new location that made more sense. John and his crew also put drainage in a large window well which was not in the most accessible location. They then dug a trench out around my screened in porch for the pump discharge and the window well.

A long story short, they were excellent, professional and efficient.
Angie's List Customer from Cincinnati, OH
5 Stars
Reviewed on Angie's List
Jun 30th, 2017
Can I give a couple categories an A+, because Jason deserves it. We've been in our house about a year and have had 4 floods, we knew we needed to do something and I began to interview waterproofing companies. I can't tell you how many I went through, prior to Jason coming I had my mind made up, but wanted to keep his appointment "just in case". How sorry would I be if I had canceled it!!!! He was so thorough, taking everything into account and I just knew he was going to do the most complete job. We started the job on 6/27 and the very first thing that happened was the covering of all of our personal belongings in the basement. I don't mean just a simple sheet or plastic thrown over them that can fall off, but plastic sheeting taped to keep the dust and debris off of them as well as sheeting over the entry to the bottom of our basement steps. Each morning I received either a call or a text from Jason letting me know that the team was on the way and who to expect and when. The job finished on 6/29 and this is when you really see what sets Jason apart from other contractors and how he goes way, way above and beyond. When I went down for final inspection with Jason the floor was swept and mopped, all of the plastic draping was gone and anything that had gotten dust on it was wiped down. Jason went over everything with us regarding the system and answered any and all questions we had and even if it wasn't a part of the warranty I know would be available for problems in the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone and if we were to purchase another home in the future without a sump pump I know exactly who to call.

Description of work:
Sump pump installation and interior drain system.
Completed Jobs from Cincinnati
John Wellen
December 8, 2020

Healthy basement concepts installed our triple crack reinforcement repair.

William Sporing
September 24, 2020

Healthy basement concepts installed carbon fiber around the new egress windows so the foundation will not move

Linda Higbee
November 16, 2020

Healthy Basement Concepts installed carbon fiber corner straps to stop inward movement of basement wall.

Doug Duddey
November 16, 2020

healthy Basement Concepts installed a full basement waterproofing system to control water from entering the basement then we installed carbon fiber on the outside foundation wall

Bill Brady
November 10, 2020

Healthy Basement Concepts installed a full waterproofing system under the basement floor to control the water table