About Us

Your Greater Cincinnati Area Basement & Crawl Space Repair Company

As a fourth-generation home building and foundation contractor, Jason Fry, (Owner) began working in 2004, 17+ years of helping homeowners in the Cincinnati area with humidity control by creating basement and crawl space environments that were dry, safe, and healthy.

For the past couple of years, though, this just did not seem like enough. Jason felt there were many things that he had believed that the industry needed to do, but did not have answers for, yet. He felt he was not providing his customers with a 100% solution that would take care of all their foundation problems and concerns, including basement and crawl space repairs for their Cincinnati homes.

Rather than joining one of the big waterproofing networks, Jason decided that Healthy Basement Concepts would operate independently, to remain flexible and offer many different and comprehensive solutions for each specific basement and crawl space repair project in Cincinnati, rather than a network boxed solution.

With Healthy Basement Concepts you will always get the best products and we are committed to treat your home as if it were ours.