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Detecting Structural Damage in Cincinnati Homes

When concrete is curing, it tends to shrink a little. As a result, tiny hairline cracks tend to appear on basement walls. These are usually harmless and don’t indicate that your home needs structural crack repair service.

There are, however, some types of foundation wall cracks that indicate more serious structural issues. These types of cracks usually happen because the wet soil around your foundation pushes against your basement walls, or because erosion has weakened the soil underneath your foundation.

These types of structural cracks, once detected, need to be inspected and fixed as soon as possible. The longer you wait the bigger the problem will become, and the more expensive and difficult it will be to solve. Don’t let your home fail do to structural cracks and foundation settlement. Get the structural crack repair service you need today from Healthy Basement Concepts. Call now for free estimate!

Know when a foundation crack is posing a structural threat to your home

The Healthy Basement Concepts A-Team recommend you have any foundation wall crack inspected and monitored by a professional as soon as possible. Below are some easily detectable signs to help determine if a foundation crack is posing structural problems

Which Direction?

To know if you need assistance, take notice of the direction of the crack. If you have a horizontal structural crack in a poured concrete wall or stairstep cracks on block walls, accompanied or not by bowing or leaning walls, get it professionally inspected as soon as possible. If you see vertical cracks that are wider than hairline cracks or are V-shaped, call a professional foundation repair company right away. They indicate a far more serious problem and you may require structural crack repairs.

What’s The Size?

If it’s a hairline crack, it is probably just the result of the curing of the concrete. Wider cracks or cracks that are allowing water to seep into the basement, should be inspected and monitored by a professional, even if they don’t pose any structural concerns. Healthy Basement Concepts offers effective and affordable solutions to repair both structural and simple leaky cracks.


Foundation Settlement Repair  – Foundation Underpinning

Foundations sink due to soil movement or erosion. The ground under your house is no longer able to support the weight of the structure. 

Foundation piers or foundation underpinning is an effective and affordable way to stabilize sinking foundations. 

Steel piles are driven into the ground, past the problem soil, until they reach a strata that is able to sustain the structure. 

Steel braces are then attached to the piles and to the foundation footing to secure the entire building, keeping it from sinking any further and, in some cases, even restoring the foundation to its original position. 

Foundation Underpinning

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Healthy Basement Concepts of Cincinnati offers a variety of services from waterproofing to foundation repair, including crawl space repair, crawl space insulation, basement waterproofing, sump pump installation, bowing walls, structural cracks and foundation settlement repair.