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What Causes Basement Walls to Bow in Cincinnati, OH and Nearby Areas?

Hydrostatic pressure and abundant soil are usually the reason for most bowing wall problems. Hydrostatic pressure increases as the clay soil around your foundation gets saturated with water and expands, exerting an enormous amount of pressure against your basement walls. The force will eventually exceed the strength of your walls, causing them to break, crack, and bow. During the dry season, clay soil will dry up and shrink away from your foundation, withdrawing support from your walls.

This constant wall movement can have devastating effects on your home’s structural integrity.

When you notice horizontal cracks in poured walls or stairstep cracks in block walls, contact Healthy Basement Concepts as soon as possible. A bowed basement wall only gets worse with time, so call today for the repair services your home needs before it’s too late!

How We Repair a Bowed Basement Wall

At Healthy Basement Concepts, we offer the best in both old tried-and-true methods and the latest technology. We are expert installers of state-of-the-art solutions and we’re also experienced masons and can use different repair methods for bowed basement walls, when necessary. 

carbon fiber bowing wall solution

Rhino Carbon Fiber Strips

Carbon fiber strapping repair is the latest in bowing foundation wall repair technology. Through this repair process, we use strong carbon fibers with low stretch properties that hold cracks together tightly.

  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Stronger than steel beams
  • Lays flat on the walls
  • Water-tight barrier to stop leaks
  • Seals, strengthens, and stabilizes bowing walls
  • Limited transferrable lifetime warranty
  • Can be painted for a clean and finished look
Wall braces installation

Steel I-Beam Repair

The steel beams are installed against your basement wall with powerful steel brackets anchored to floor joists and the basement floor. This method will secure your wall in its current state, without having to make any adjustments. The steel I-beam system can be tightened during certain times, for added protection. 

  • Fast installation process
  • Doesn’t disturb other areas of your home
  • Outside excavation not required
  • Walls won’t slant or bow anymore

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Healthy Basement Concepts of Cincinnati offers a variety of services from waterproofing to foundation repair, including crawl space repair, crawl space insulation, basement waterproofing, sump pump installation, bowing walls, structural cracks and foundation settlement repair.