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Crawl Space Drainage Solutions in Cincinnati, OH

Crawl Space Repair
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Keep standing water away from your crawl space in Cincinnati, Dayton and nearby areas in OH

When standing water is present in the crawl space, it provides a breeding ground for harmful organisms that produce, among other things, bad odors.

The increase in groundwater intrusion will also lead to higher levels of relative humidity in the crawl space as the water evaporates in the area. 

Relative humidity levels above 60% support mold and dry rot growth, which will eventually compromise your home’s foundation

Our drainage solutions collect and divert water away from your crawl space  – keeping it dry and healthy year round!


Crawl Space Drainage Solutions in Cincinnati, OH

Crawl Space sump Pump

The best way to keep water out of your crawl space is to improve drainage in the area. As your A-Team for crawl space repair, we offer a full range of services and solutions to keep your crawl space dry, including

  • Grading improvements
  • Drainage pipes
  • Drainage mats
  • Crawl Space Sump Pump

Our crawl space drainage solutions will help collect any water that seeps in and discharge it away from your home. Combined with our crawl space encapsulation system, it will keep you crawl space dry and healthy year round. 


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