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Crawl Space Repairs For The Homeowners of Cincinnati, OH & The Surrounding Areas

Healthy Basement Concepts is the local crawl space repair team that is ready to bring your musty old crawl space back to life. Our repair services include crawl space encapsulation, dehumidifier installation, and waterproofing services. Each home is unique and our repairmen have decades of experience fixing crawl spaces in The Greater Cincinnati area. We are able to assess the situation and come up with an affordable solution.

The Importance of Repairing Your Crawlspace

Homes with crawl space foundations were quite popular in the U.S. after World War II. They could be built faster and more affordably than full basements. However, as crawl space technology continues to evolve, it quickly became apparent how primitive early crawl spaces were designed. If you own a home that was built around this time, you may want to take a peek at your crawl space to see what improvements have been made since the original construction. 

The crawl space vents, formerly required by older building codes as a way to keep the area dry by allowing outside air in, were actually causing more problems than they solved.  Common crawl space problems from this era include structural decay, mold, and pest problems. Modern building codes now recommend sealed, instead of vented crawl spaces. 

Healthy Basement Concepts of Cincinnati offers reliable solutions for all common crawl space problems. Protect your home, and health, and lower your energy bills with our crawl space encapsulation, insulation, dehumidification, and structural repair services. Check out some of the common symptoms homeowners like you experience when their crawl space needs an update. 


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Groundwater Intrusion

When crawl spaces are improperly graded and there is no way to channel and divert groundwater away from them, standing water is sure to become a problem.

Healthy Basement Concepts of Cincinnati’s crawl space waterproofing experts install custom designed solutions that will make standing water a thing of the past. 

High Humidity

The dirt floor in crawl spaces  allows water to evaporate in the space, and the crawl space vents, originally thought to allow moisture to dry, are aggravating the problem by allowing humid outside air in.

Our advanced crawl space encapsulation system is designed to effectively address all sources of moisture.

Mold & Odors

Every environment where relative humidity is at or above 60% is a breeding ground for mold and dry rot. Crawl spaces are notorious for having serious moisture problems that cannot be solved with vents, crawl space vent fans, and a thin plastic sheet on the floor to serve as a vapor barrier. Our crawl space moisture control solutions are backed by modern building science.

Structural Decay

Vented crawl spaces that remain untreated for too long will eventually start to show signs of structural decay. Mold, dry rot, and moisture loving pests such as termites thrive in such environments. Bouncy or sagging floors are some of the tell-tale signs of structural decay. Our team offers several solutions to repair structural damage in your home’s crawl space.

 Update Your Cincinnati Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Our crawl space encapsulation services follow the recommendations of the most recent building science advancements and recommendations concerning the proper treatment of crawl spaces.  For better results, crawl space encapsulation service should be paired with 


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