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Cause of Basement Leaks in Cincinnati

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Why do basements leak?

Some of the most common causes behind basement leaks we see in the Cincinnati, OH area are the ways basement foundations are constructed, like the excavation of soil and backfilling, and different sorts of concrete wall blocks or stone walls used in building the basement. Healthy Basement Concepts is an expert at fixing leaks in wet, moist, and damp basements and crawl spaces. We have been serving the customers of the Cincinnati, OH area for over 35 years now.

Finding a leak in your basement can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be! At the first signs of trouble, call the basement waterproofing experts at Healthy Basement Concepts of Cincinnati. Call us today for a free estimate!


Causes of Basement Leaks 

1. Excavation & Backfilling

During the initial build phase of a basement foundation, a portion of soil is removed to make the space needed for the construction. Upon completion of the basement, the soil is backfilled against the wall of the basement. This soil is much looser and more permeable to water than the soil that has remained untouched. Meaning that this soil will absorb more water on rainy days, increasing the chances of water seeping through the basement wall.

2. Wall-Floor Joint

A small gap is usually created intentionally between the floor and the wall to prevent cracks from forming in the floor. Water under high pressure can penetrate this gap and seep in through the foot of the basement.

3. Clogged Footing Drain

Footing drains can sometimes be crushed during the backfilling process. Moreover, footing drains clog over time due to particles in the soil and become ineffective. The water then finds its way into the basement through small openings and gaps.

4. A leak in the Basement Wall

Various types of blocks used in the basement foundation have various chances of leaking. For instance, stone wall joints can weaken under immense pressure from the water, and create small gaps through which water can enter; the same happens with concrete block walls.

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