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Sump Pump Service in Cincinnati, OH

Sump Pump service and installation

The Sump Pump is the Heart of your Waterproofing System

If the sump pump stops for any reason, the entire waterproofing system will fail and your basement will get wet. For that reason, if you are going to rely on a sump pump to keep your basement dry, you should make sure it’s of the highest quality available. That’s where the sump pump service of Healthy Basement Concepts comes in!

Our team has decades of experience providing Cincinnati, OH residents with the high-quality sump pump and basement waterproofing services they need. Our team handles everything from the initial sump pump installation all the way through maintaining your system with a great service plan. To learn more about our services, or to get a free estimate on your sump pump service, call our team today.

Custom-Built Sump Pump Services

Heathy Basement Concepts of Cincinnati will custom design a sump pump system comprised not only of the most powerful sump pumps, but also also a full range of sump pump accessories that will optimize performance and protect you basement.

These include:

  • Optional battery backup sump pumps to protect you basement during power outages.
  • PumpSpy alarm systems that monitors pump operation and warns you if anything malfunctions.
  • Advanced switch valve
  • A discharge-like silencer to make sure your sump pump operation is as quiet and efficient as possible
  • The FrezFlo valve that will keep the water from getting stuck in a frozen pipe during cold winter days

Plus everything needed to keep your basement dry no matter how much rain coms your way.

Sump Pump System

Additional Sump Pump Products and Accessories 

Sump Pump Installation

Compact Crawl Space Sump Pump


Sump Spy Monitoring and Alarm Systems

Sump Pump Switch Valve

Advanced Switch Valve

FrezFlo Valve

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