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Prevent Mold and Dust Mites in Your Cincinnati, OH Basement with Dehumidifiers

Moldy Wall

Every time the relative humidity levels in your basement are at or above 60%, the perfect environment for mold and dust mites to thrive is created. 

That typical musty basement smell indicates the presence of mold, even when it is not visible. Dust mites are equally invisible, but their airborne droppings will also negatively impact your indoor air quality. 

According to the CDC, dust mite droppings and mold spores are the two major causes of indoor allergies. It is a mistake to think that these harmful particles will somehow stay confined to the basement, because the air in any building moves upwards. That means that at any given time, 1/3 of the air you breathe is basement air. 

At Healthy Basement Concepts of Cincinnati, OH we believe that a healthy home starts in the basement and we provide powerful basement dehumidifiers and air filtration systems to control moisture. 

Control Moisture Levels in Your Cincinnati, OH Basement with Dehumidifiers

Of the three things that allow mold and dust mites to grow: warmth, organic matter such as household dust, and moisture, there is only one you can fully and successfully control: moisture levels. 

Running a good basement dehumidifier to keep relative humidity levels under 60% will cause any existing mold and dust mites to dry out and stop releasing droppings and spores and will filter any impurities out of the air. As a result you will have a fresh smelling and healthy basement. Control the humidity levels of your Cincinnati, OH basement today with basement dehumidifiers from Healthy Basement Concepts. Call us today for more information.

E070 70 Pint Professional-Grade Dehumidifier

The AprilAire E070 is a high-performance dehumidifier for both basements and crawl spaces. The built-in digital control and intuitive interface make setup quick and easy, while its US manufacture ensures quality service for 5 years!

  • Reduces up to 70 pints (9 gallons) of moisture per day.
  • Built with corrosion resistant aluminum coils
  • Built in the USA by AprilAire, industry leaders in indoor air quality solutions.
  • Helps prevent mold and mildew while also reducing airborne viruses like the flu virus!
  • The “set it and forget it” method means you don’t have worry about emptying water trays 
  • Can be installed to discharge directly on your sump pip or drainage system. 
    Aprilaire E070 Dehumidifier

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