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What Causes Foundations to Sink?

The sinking or settling of a home foundation can be a troubling and expensive concern for any property owner. Multiple factors contribute to the slow, steady process of your foundation settling into the ground. A primary cause of settlement is inadequate soil conditions beneath the foundation. Various soil types have different load-bearing capacities, and if the soil under your foundation doesn’t have the required strength, it might compact over time, leading to the sinking of your home foundation.

Insufficient construction methods or deficient foundation design can also play a part in a sinking foundation. If the foundation doesn’t have enough reinforcement, or is not constructed strongly enough to support the weight of your home or business, the foundation will begin to sink over time.

Water-related issues also contribute to a sinking foundation. Excessive moisture in the soil, typically due to improper drainage, can cause the ground to soften, leading to its inability to effectively bear the load of the structure. Drought situations can also cause soil to contract and shift and cause settlement. External elements, like neighboring excavation projects or alterations in the local water table, can further jeopardize the stability of your home’s foundation.

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Common Signs of Foundation Settlement in Dayton

A sinking foundation often becomes evident with various common signs that suggest possible structural troubles. One of the most apparent signs is the emergence of cracks in the walls, particularly around doors and windows, and on the building’s exterior. These cracks can be diagonal or vertical and tend to expand over time. Doors and windows might begin to jam, unable to open or shut correctly due to the shifting foundation. Uneven floors and areas that appear sloped or depressed can also hint at foundation issues. Observable gaps between the walls and the ceiling or floors also signify foundation settlement. If you spot any of these signs, it’s essential to reach out to the professionals at Healthy Basement Concepts for an evaluation and mitigation of potential foundation issues before they get worse and cause more extensive structural damage.

Choose Healthy Basement Concepts for Sinking Foundation Repair in Dayton

Healthy Basement Concepts ensures its entire team meets the pinnacle of our professional standards. We’re committed to delivering top-tier services to every customer. If you reside within the wider region of Dayton, reach out to us for sinking foundation repairs today. We offer complimentary inspections, and we’re ready to jump into action to protect your home.

Customer Reviews

steven wolfenberger
steven wolfenberger
May 2, 2023
Jason called the same day that I requested info. They were able to come over a few days later for an inspection and estimate. Jason explained what was causing the issues with our basement and then showed us the best options to fix the problem. There was no pressure to hire them and he didn't try to upsell us anything we didn't need. Jason and his team were able to come the following week and fix our basement. It took them a little less than 2 days to complete the job. Jason kept us updated during the whole process. We couldn't be happier with the results and would highly recommend Jason and Healthy Basement Concepts.
Joseph Grothe
Joseph Grothe
March 28, 2023
healthy basements just water sealed my basement. They did a great job and where very fast. They finished the job in two days. Healthy Basements Concepts is great value. highly recommend.
Paul D Hinds
Paul D Hinds
March 20, 2023
Stop. Read this review. After having six companies come bid a project with me, and being told by each company that I needed to do something else to fix the issue, there were only two companies that came out to quote me that didn't hesitate to roll up their sleeves and start trying to identify the root cause. Some of the quotes were upwards of $50k (I'm looking at you, EverDry), and others just quoted me for what I said I "thought" I needed. The moral of the story is, what I thought I needed, Jason found out was only part of the case and showed me why through a series of pictures he took. (Oh, and if you're curious, he was less than 1/3 of the huge quote. I told him it was still too expensive, and he told me exactly what I needed done immediately, and what could wait.) I mean, cmon, HBC sent me a thank you card THE NEXT DAY after completing the work. They thanked ME for the opportunity to solve my problem. There are companies that might quote less, but for my money, Jason Fry is a man of his word, and I trust his word completely.
Larry Dawes
Larry Dawes
February 21, 2023
Had water coming in basement in one area and they came out and looked at the area where the water was coming in and showed me where it was and told me it was something they did not fix but told me where to buy the water stopper and I could do it myself. I was impressed by his honestly and professional advice. If anyone is looking for water leak companies I would highly recommend giving them a call.
Fred Cook
Fred Cook
January 31, 2023
I don't typically write reviews, but these guys really deserve it. Responsive, prompt, knowledgeable, detailed... they did a great job for a fair price and we couldn't be more pleased. The addition of a supplemental beam has improved the feel of the floor and has insured no issues with the new kitchen island.
Kristina Ligons
Kristina Ligons
November 20, 2022
We woke up Labor Day Monday to wet carpet in our basement after a very rainy weekend. Even on the holiday, Jason answered the phone and helped us figure out next steps. He came and looked at the situation the following Friday and gave us quotes and a test to perform to figure out exactly where the water was coming from. We ended up having a crack in the basement wall. In that time we also had a death in the family so we had to put everything on the back burner. Jason was very understanding and helped us pick right back up when we were ready to move forward over a month later. His crew came to our house in Fairfield and were incredibly professional. They kept the area they were working in very clean and put down tarps to keep the rest of our house clean too. I would highly recommend Healthy Basement Concepts!
Adam Brandner
Adam Brandner
November 15, 2022
I decided to encapsulate two crawlspaces at my home because the rooms above them were very cold in the winter. Additional annoyances were that both crawlspaces were dark, dirty areas that weren't usable for storage, and I worried about them harboring pests. It was more expensive they I'd imagined, but you really get what you pay for! Both spaces are now clean and bright, which has reduced clutter in my basement because we can store all of our seasonal items in the crawlspaces. The temperature issue was addressed effectively as well; both rooms above the crawlspaces are now pleasant in the winter. What I wasn't prepared for was how much of a difference it made in the summer. My sunroom went from being pretty hot every afternoon to feeling just a few degrees warmer than the main house. I didn't realize how much impact that sealing the exterior vents in the crawlspace below it would have during the summer months. Jason's team was hardworking, professional, and a joy to work with. I'd highly recommend them for this type of project.
leigh clark
leigh clark
October 16, 2022
Jason made clear about what needed to be done to clean and repair my crawl space properly. Did the job in a timely manner and the area was cleaner and healthier when the job was finished. Great workmanship reasonably priced. I am very happy with their work. Highly recommend Healthy Basement Concepts!


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